need AMI MegaRAID help

need AMI MegaRAID help

Post by Anthony Ewel » Sat, 04 Oct 1997 04:00:00


Has anyone successfully used an AMI MegaRAID controller card with Linux?

Are there drivers to support it?

When you added an additional hard drive to the (raid 5) array, did you
have to
backup and restore your data? Or, did the MegaRAID's bios expansion
have a way of handling this with out restoring, as it does with NT and
Did ext2 recognize the new, larger size of the hard drive?  (I am told
that ext2 lays
down a track that describes the size of the hard drive, causing a
amount of confusion when the size of the hard drive suddenly jumps up by

a few gigabytes.)

If anyone has done this before, or has some comments on the process, I
would greatly
appreciate your feedback!

Many thanks,


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