SOYO SY-5EMA+ Motherboard help

SOYO SY-5EMA+ Motherboard help

Post by Linux New » Fri, 12 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Has anyone managed to get this motherboard to see more than 64mb of ram?  I
believe it is a VIA Chipset so have compiled these into the kernel if I use
at boot linux mem=128 the kernel panicks and says it sees no memory at all?
I am lost with this one, Soyo said contact my Linux vendor!  Any help

Thanks Colin


1. AMD K6-2 500 & Soyo SY-5EMA Pro motherboard

     This is one of the strangest things I've seen in years.
For the time being, the situation is "resolved" but Ithink I
may need to know more about this later:

     I recently bought the above named parts, a Soyo SY-5EMA Pro
motherboard (aka SY-5EMA+) and an AMD K6-2 500MHz CPU.  The ETEQ
chipset is apparently a Via licensed chipset (MVP-3?).  According
to the manual (Copyright 1999, but actually updated at least to
May 2000 -- I have also downloaded revised documents including
the "Quick Start Guide" for 5EMA+ from Mar. 2000, and 5EMA Pro
Version 1.1 Edition: Jan. 2001, both of which are the same in
the relevant info) the CPU came in a number of voltaged, so I
should look at the package.  The chip package was marked as a
3.3V device.  The manual says 3.3V is set as follows:

SW2: 1 on, 2 off, 3 on, 4 on, 5 off

     The manual also says to populate the board starting at
DIMM 3, then DIMM 2 (iff you use 2) and then DIMM 1, only
if you are using 3.

     So I did that.  I also set the rest of the jumpers and
switches properly.

     It didn't work.  After much mucking around and returning
the motherboard and getting another (same result), the store
manager said to bring my stuff in and he'd help for a price.
I watched, he worked and paid -- I won't say how much, but it
was fair.

     First, contrary to the big deal the manual makes, he
stuck the DIMM into the DIMM 1 slot.  (Huh?)

     At first no difference.  Then after checking the manual
for a while, he "realized" something that I didn't, and changed
the SW2 settings as follows:

SW2: 1 off, 2 on, 3 off, 4 off, 5 off

     I checked the manual later and he has it set for 2.2V.,
which is common for most K6-2 versions, but not for this
particular part.  It works. (HUHHH?)

     First, there's no way that I'm misreading the chip.  It
says 3.3V.  No doubt.  But what if I'm wrong?  Well, that
would mean that I was far over-voltage and when I tried to
run it at that voltage the CPU should have been fried.
If it didn't fry the CPU, then why wouldn't it work?  It
wasn't just the DIMM slot.  The memory is still sitting in
DIMM 1 where he put it.

     So far, the setup seems to be working.  Most of the
hardware I've installed seems to work.  I'm having software
problems right now (need to re-install Win 98 first to backup
some data, then I'll be figuring out how I'm going to divide
up the disk -- or replace the HD).  But I still don't get it.
According to the manual, what I did should have worked, and
what he did was "all wrong".  What's going on here?

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