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check this out...

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1. Apache 1.3.9 time outs don't work on SPARC Solaris

Once SIGALRM is delivered and caught in a SPARC Solaris Apache child
process, SIGALRM is blocked forever.

The easiest way to demonstrate this is to only use a very small number of
children and send each one an HTTP 1.1 request. The 1.1 request causes a
keep alive time out to be set. If it's still set to the default, the time
out will trigger at 15 seconds. (You can see the time out trigger if you are
telnetting to port 80.). Once a child receives its second HTTP 1.1 request,
the timeout will not trigger, ever, and the child is hung for all intents
and purposes.

I have searched for this bug in the Apache database and found no mention of
it. Any one else observed this behavior, or can any one else confirm/deny
the behavior? Thanks.

We are seeing this in Apache 1.3.9. The 1.3.12 code does not appear to
contain a fix.

umark -a output:

SunOS xxx 5.7 Generic_106541-10 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-250


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