Partition Error

Partition Error

Post by bill » Tue, 20 Mar 2001 01:04:20

I've got a 10mb WD harddrive with a linux/windows partition. I was gonna
resize the partition with Partition-It but get "Incorrect size or ending
sector address" error. How can I fix this, and/or is there another
partition manager that I can use w/o toasting the windos data?



1. Extended Partition Error with Partition Magic 4

This is a followup to my recent problems with PartionMagic 4, Linux
bootup and  extended partitions. (Really for searchers after an
answer to this kind of problem.)

Somehow, PM 4 on my machine changed my extended partition from a normal
extended partition  (5 = Linux fdisk system id) to a newer kind, what fdisk
calls DOS secondary, system id  = f2) (Is this a problem with PM 4 in general or
just  my 4.09 version?)

 While DOS, Windows 95 or greater are all happy with this change, Linux is
not.  Suddenly, the Linux partitions within that extended partition became
invisible to Linux!

Result: a failed Linux bootup with partition table error messages. My Linux
system appeared gone.

If this happens to you, use fdisk to change the id back to 5.  Or use a
program called Partition Manager at

(For free software fans: even the free demo will find and fix the problem.  But
for the hours and hours of grief the program ended, I think it's worth the $25
they're charging for the full program.)

John Grant

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