Philips CM153 & HP Deskjet

Philips CM153 & HP Deskjet

Post by Riccardo Ottonello - Gabriele Boccone - Matteo Ser » Wed, 14 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I got Slackware march 1995 version of Linux, but  I can't get it to work on my CD-ROM. It is an old
8-bit Philips CM153. Since my HD is only 120 Mb, I had to install from floppy (82 disks...) and I still
need a DOS 15 Mb partition to read data from the 4 CD's and put them into Linux partition. My
dream is installing WordPerfect demo, but since it is 35 Mb in a single file, I can't put it on my hd,
because it needs X, a swap partition, and some other free bytes just for installing. Any suggestion?
Is there a way (at least) to put it on some 30 disks and unzip it from Linux?

Second problem: how to print a TXT file from the command line on a HP Deskjet on LPT2? I tried,
but I think I need some particular drivers, looks like the problem is all about CR/LF/FF control

I can't read news very often, so please answer by E-mail if you can, writing in the header "To
Gabriele", since we are 4 people under the same e-mail address, and our mailbox is always full.

Thank you for help.