help with setting up an HP IID laser printer in Rehat 7

help with setting up an HP IID laser printer in Rehat 7

Post by Phil Martine » Wed, 25 Oct 2000 04:00:00


I have Redhat 7 and a HP IID laserjet printer.  I would really like to get
this thing to work, but have had no luck as of yet.  I have been using the
printtool but it seems worthless.  It has a setting in there for the IID/IIP
but only for the printers that have the postscript cartridge.  Can anyone
help me out?  or........if you have a post script cartridge for a HP IID i'l
like that too.  Ideally however, i'l like to know how to make this work AND
get that postscript cartridge.

Thanks in advance,

Phil Martinez


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hello all.  i am having some trouble connecting my HP LaserJet IID printer
to my linux box.  linux does detect the printer as device /dev/lp1.    i
chose the "LaserJet IId/IIp/III with TIFF compression" driver, and selected
the "fix stair stepping" and "fast text printing" options.  the "ascii test
print" and "print ascii directly to port" test prints come out fine.
however, the "postscript test page" takes about 8 minutes to print, and it
comes out very messy.  you can make out some of the text and images, but it
is predominantly trash.  the same is true when printing any postscript
documents from corel wordperfect 8 or star office 5.

does anyone have this printer working properly for them?  any suggestions
would be very welcome.  if you'd like to respond directly to my email,
remember to remove NOSPAM from the reply address.

michel a lim
wong hobach lau
consulting engineers
structural/civil/construction management

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