Help with HD >1024 Cyls

Help with HD >1024 Cyls

Post by Mike Crum » Sun, 16 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Hi All!

I have a problem that maybe someone can help me with. I seem to be
unable to get my IDE1 (Secondary) controller to properly translate
bios.. My board is a Spacewalker HOT-541 with built-in EIDE
controllers. Here is my setup before I go into the problem:

Pentium 166
IDE0 - Maxtor 2.7GB (Master) LBA (655,128,63)
IDE0 - Maxtor 1.6GB (Slave)  LBA (788,64,63)
IDE1 - Maxtor 1.6GB (Master) LBA (788,64,63)
IDE1 - CDROM (Slave)

Problem I'm having is that the secondary Maxtor drive in CMOS says
that LBA mode is on, but when I run Disk Manager from the Maxtor disk
that came with the drive, it says that BIOS translation isn't on and
only Shows the drive using BIOS.. The other 2 drives on IDE0 show BIOS
TRANSLATION, but IDE1 shows only BIOS, I'm assuming that means my
motherboard isn't actually doing the BIOS translation.. Am I correct?

When I try to use Linux it shows the first 2 drives properly, but when
it comes to the 3rd drive it shows (3158,16,63) which means there is
no BIOS translation being done here.. I've tried EVERYTHING to get
this to work properly, but to no avail.. I'm about to accept the fact
that there IS a problem with my IDE1 channel and I'm going to have to
live with it..

Is it possible to turn OFF ALL bios LBA modes in CMOS and run
DISKOVERLAY (Bios translater) from Maxtor.. If I do, will I be able to
use Linux with this installed on the drive..

I know this isn't a good attempt, but currently it seems to be my only
option if I want to run Linux.. I could probably set the 3rd drive to
NORMAL and use the (3158,16,63) but DOS seems to complain about the
extended partion and warns of overlaying parts..

Anyone who can help?? I could also buy a controller and turn off the
onboard controller, hmmm, maybe not a bad idea.. Anyone know what a
PCI contoller runs these days?

I really WANT to use LINUX.. I've purchased 3 books and am NOT giving
up on this.. Some please help.. I'm not computer illeterate, just
hardware STUCK!! <SIGH>

Thanks in advance.


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One more. How do I add myself to the kernel mailing list? (I heard there was one)
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