data acquisition using sound card under linux

data acquisition using sound card under linux

Post by August Buerkl » Tue, 23 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I'm thinking about ways to accomplish A/D conversion for data
acquisition using my linux PC.

Does anyone have any experience using commercial cards under linux?
Does there exist a D/A which won't cost more than my rent?

How about this idea: since most sound cards have an A/D subsystem for
digital voice recording, etc, has anyone thought about hacking one of
these things for data acquisition at low cost?  I don't even know how
much of a pipe dream that may be.

Please inform of any other locations where this information may be

thanks for the help,

Gus Buerkle


1. Data Acquisition using linux with [Data Acquisition Processor] DAP

Can Anybody Suggest me how to start off with  data acquisition
progamming in c on linux ,using the DAP card would be kind if
someone let me know some websites which guides how to start
programming or some sites where examples are there .........i have
done  data acquisition using Graphical Language and i want to try in
linux using "C" ........i also want to know how to interact with the
DAP card

can any body please give some guide lines


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