Ensoniq Soundscape with Linux?

Ensoniq Soundscape with Linux?

Post by Drew_Paschal_at_~.. » Sun, 05 Mar 1995 17:50:33

     I have a Gateway2000 P5-90 with the Ensoniq Soundscape card and I have
     been monitoring the usenet groups to see if anyone has asked this
     question, but to no avail so I figure I would ask.  How can I get my
     Ensoniq Soundscape to work with Linux?  A good test would be to get it
     to work with Doom for X or any kind of soundfiles, etc.  Any help
     would be appreciated.  I am running 1.1.94 version of the kernel.  

1. Ensoniq Soundscape with Linux?

The S.U.S.E. Book claims that the Ensoniq Soundscape card works under Linux
but the only hint how to instal it is that I should "configure it under DOS
first". I have no idea what that means (the card certainly works for win95
which I also have installed and also for some DOS programs). Any help would be
greatly appreciated. Please answer (also) by email.

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