HELP !!!! AMD K5-133 !!!!! HELP !!!!!

HELP !!!! AMD K5-133 !!!!! HELP !!!!!

Post by Mark Ha » Fri, 13 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Quote:> I'd like to buy this new AMD K5 processor with 133MHz, but I heard some
> gossips 'bout this compatibility. For example : you can't compile Linux
> kernel, because it uses Pentium-codes; or something in connection with

first of all, all P5-specific features can be disabled under Linux.
next, the K5 provides all of them!  finally, on the same MB/cache/mem/disk,
my K5/133 outperforms my (Intel) P5/133 at compiling the kernel.
to be sure, it's not quite as fast on programs which are FP-*,
but it's dirt cheap, cool, compatible and fast.

regards, mark hahn.



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Hi Folks;
I'm trying to an install redhat 7.0 on an older ast with the above proc. I'm
getting a crash as soon as /sbin/loader starts from either the cd or the
floppy. It says that there was an invalid EIP. Sounds like deep hardware
problems. Same thing at the same point happens if I try to install Caldera
2.4 .

I've got two drives a 1080MByte primary master & a 6488MByte primary slave.
48MByte memory.

Does anyone have a clue as to what is happening?


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