IDE problems (irq timeout) on Linux 2.0.30, ASUS P/I-P6NP5 system

IDE problems (irq timeout) on Linux 2.0.30, ASUS P/I-P6NP5 system

Post by Richard Ma » Sat, 26 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I have been having *intermittent* disk errors as follows:
        kernel: hda: irq timeout: status=0x58 { DriveReady SeekComplete
                DataRequest }
        kernel: hda: disabled DMA
        kernel: ide0: reset: success

I am running Linux 2.0.30 on an ASUS P/I-P6NP5 (Pentium Pro 150) system with a
Quantum Fireball 1.08G IDE drive.  The output during booting is as follows:
        ide: i82371 PIIX (Triton) on PCI bus 0 function 9
            ide0: BM-DMA at 0xe800-0xe807
        hda: QUANTUM FIREBALL1080A, 1039MB w/83kB Cache, LBA, CHS=2112/16/63,
        ide0 at 0x1f0-0x1f7,0x3f6 on irq 14

The IDE controller information (from /proc/pci) is as follows:
  Bus  0, device   1, function  1:
    IDE interface: Intel 82371SB Natoma/Triton II PIIX3 (rev 0).
      Medium devsel.  Fast back-to-back capable.  Master Capable.  Latency=32.
      I/O at 0xe800.


- Could these errors be caused by a bad/aging disk drive?  I have not noticed
  any other problems besides timeouts, though.  Perhaps this could be due
  to thermal recalibration of the drive?

- Could there be compatability problems between the i82371SB controller and
  the Quantum drive?  In particular, I noticed that the controller on the
  Natoma 440FX and the Triton 430HX chipsets use a newer controller (called
  PIIX3) than the older 430FX chipsets (PIIX).  Would these problems be
  removed by upgrading to a 2.1.x kernel, since it appears to distinguish
  between the different versions of the controller?

Thanks for any help,


IDE problems (irq timeout) on Linux 2.0.30, ASUS P/I-P6NP5 system

Post by Donovan Rea » Sat, 26 Jul 1997 04:00:00

From the manpage:

HDPARM(8)                                               HDPARM(8)

              (E)IDE  drives  still have only a 16-bit connection
              over the ribbon cable from the interface card.

       -d     Disable/enable the "using_dma" flag for this drive.
              This  option  only works with a few combinations of
              drives and interfaces which support DMA  and  which
              are  known  to  the IDE driver.  In particular, the
              Intel Triton chipset is supported for  bus-mastered
              DMA  operation with many drives (experimental).  It
              is also a good idea to use the -X34 option in  com-
              bination  with  -d1 to ensure that the drive itself
              is programmed for multiword DMA mode2.   Using  DMA
              does  not  necessarily  provide  any improvement in
              throughput or system performance,  but  many  folks
              swear by it.  Your mileage may vary.

       -f     Sync  and  flush the buffer cache for the device on
              exit.  This operation is also performed as part  of
              the -t and -T timings.

       -g     Display  the drive geometry (cylinders, heads, sec-
              tors), the size (in sectors) of the device, and the
              starting offset (in sectors) of the device from the
              beginning of the drive.

       -h     Display terse usage information (help).


The '-d' switch is relevant, I think. Your disk is probably not DMA mode 3.


Donovan Ready,
Lindsay Computer Systems


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