CD-ROM writer and SCSI card

CD-ROM writer and SCSI card

Post by Matt Kirsc » Sat, 25 Oct 1997 04:00:00

 > I am planning to buy a Yamaha CDR200T CD writer together
 > with an Adaptec 2910B SCSI card.

 > Please can someone tell me if this combination will work,
 > I'm currently running Red Hat 4.1

 > Is there any free/shareware software to write CD-R discs
 > under linux ?

May I direct your attention to the SCSI-HOWTO and the CD-Writing-HOWTO?


1. Need help to setup a CD-ROM Writer Through a SCSI externail port.

Hi all,
        I have a question on how to set up an externail SCSI CD-ROM wrtier for
a linux box running Mandrake 7.1
the questions that I have are as follows:
        What hardware device do I mount the writer to? (/dev/?)
        do I make a directory for the writer?           (/mnt/writer)
        and what software is the best for this job

the second part of the question is this:
        Can linux write to HPUX format (assuming that HPUX uses its own format
for cd-roms)

Thanks for any help in Advance.
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