Hp Scanjet 5p & his scsi card

Hp Scanjet 5p & his scsi card

Post by Julio Sameir » Sun, 29 Aug 1999 04:00:00


i read:
The easiest solution is to use a kernel with sym53c416 support built-in.
That's the case if you
use at least a 2.2.3 kernel. If you want to add sym53c416 support to
older kernels, you have
two options:
but i'm using RH6 with the 2.2.5 kernel... and saw no reference to the
sym53c416... only saw a conflit between my SB32pnp & the sym53c416 card
(as i said on another post i have sound only if i remove the scsi card

users of the HP 5p: the "at least" kernel 2.2.3 had been enough for you?


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