Problem choosing video- and controller cards

Problem choosing video- and controller cards

Post by Pa » Fri, 19 May 1995 04:00:00

Hi folks
I'm aboute to buy some harware for a Linux installation
at home. I'm planning to buy a AMD DX4/100 processor with
a PCI bus. But my problem is what video and controller
cards should a buy.
I have heard that there are some cards that one should avoid
if Linux is to be the OS.
Can anyboby out there tell me which cards that I should not buy
for this purpose, if any. I would very much appreciate some good
advices for what to buy, aswell.
How aboute the processor AMD DX4/100?
Does anyone know any problems running Linux on this processor?



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I own a Nec PC in which is included an Intel AN430TX main board. Ths
main board includes an ATI video card, but this is not the one I use. I
put another one in a PCI slot, and my screen is plugged on this one. I
want to know how to configure my X server for my screen to be detected.
Until this moment, I've tried with xf86config or Xconfigurator (I use
the Redhat 5.1), and this two tools have detected the video card that is

integrated on my main board.
But I've noticied that SuperProbe detects the second card (the one I
use). Is there a way to force xf86config or Xconfigurator to detect my
video card?? (I'm fed up with the message "Fatal Server error: No screen

detected", due to the detecting of the wrong video card).
My screen is a Nec MultiSync A700.

If you have a solution please mail me back at

Thanks a lot.
Yann Barraud

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