intelligent multi-port boards

intelligent multi-port boards

Post by William J. Stott » Sun, 31 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Has anyone had experience with 4 port intelligent I/O boards such as Digiboard
makes? I need a board that is both Win95/NT3.51 and Linux compatible. I would
prefer a mainstream manufacturer since I will need to purchase it through the
the purchasing office at my place of work.



1. Q: Stable Dialin Intelligent Multi Serial Board?

Well I'm helping a company setting up a Dialin service and I
want to know if anyone has any experiences using several multi
I/O boards under Linux.

Has anyone had problems with two or more Cyclades 8YO 8-port DB25M
in one machine???

We will need atleast two and will almost for sure expand further.

Is there a better board? maybe even a better solution?


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