Problems with Asus T2P4 and 40 GB HDD

Problems with Asus T2P4 and 40 GB HDD

Post by Meik Langwa » Sun, 23 Dec 2001 02:07:57


I have problems booting from a new harddrive (40 GB Samsung SV4002H) in
an older box with an Asus P/I-P55T2P4 mainboard (Rev. 3.1).

The Bios (0203) recognises the drive only as one with 8gb. (CHS=4870/255/63
becomes something around 1024/255/63 (sorry, don't remember the exact value
and can't reboot now. Umm...)

I tried to update to a newer BIOS version (0207 and 0207-2), but with
these versions the board hangs during the initialisation of the ide

So I got back to 0203, which allows me to boot a kernel from floppy and
use a root partition on the new disk. That's at least sufficient as a

If I try to boot from disk, lilo stops after outputing "LI". So reading
the boot sector seems to work, but loading the second stage seems to
fail. Maybe it's a problem with a broken disc geometry translation inside
the bios rom.

Has anybody make similar experiences? Is there a chance to get this
combination working? Can a PCI-Card with an UDMA-Controller fix this?
(And does it mean a performance increase? This would make spending the
extra money a little bit less hurting.)

tia & cu



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