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    I want to use BIOS harddrives and flash RAM card in our system, but
I can't find these device files in Linux2.0.0 /dev. Could you tell me
where can we get them?
    We will appreciate your kind help.

Wan zhikun


1. Help with Linux device on FreeBSD!!

I have some experience with Unix and FreeBSD, little with the SysV style of
Linux.  I would like to use the gbd-bdm interface.  The gdb-bdm is a device
driver for GNU gdb that interfaces to the parallel port dongle for
Background Debugging of Motorola 683xx processors.

The software I found has two parts.
1)  A module that adds on to gdb -- no problems here!

2)  A kernel based device driver -- BIG problems here.  I am having lots of
trouble compiling it for FreeBSD.  Can't find all the header files and

Is there hope?
Should I install Linux in stead?
I haven't install FreeBSD yet at work, but will have to install something

James E. Housley, PR Communications, Inc.


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 7C F0 B5 BF 27 8B 92 FE    |    WWW:

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