Installing 2 CD-ROMS, IDE sony CDU76E and sony CDU31a

Installing 2 CD-ROMS, IDE sony CDU76E and sony CDU31a

Post by David Smi » Fri, 26 May 1995 04:00:00

I'm trying to install a new IDE cdrom into my linux system.
I just bought a 4x spin sony CDU 76E.  It has an IDE/ATAPI
interface.  Since I was running linux 1.1.59, which doesn't
have the IDE CD drivers built in, I decided now would be a
good time to install the latest Slackware release.  I
already had a sony CDU 31a installed, and figured I could
get both drives running.  Well, after having saved my
important files, I reformatted the drive and installed off of the
new sony cdu 76E.  When I got things up and running, I recompiled
the kernel, adding the 31a support.  I restarted, and the 76E
works fine, but I didn't see anything about the 31a.  So I looked
at the CDROM-HOWTO faq and it seemed to say I needed to add
this line to the end of lilo.conf:


I went ahead and did this, but still, no dice.  Don't see any
messages at all about looking for a cdrom or whatever.  I know
that I have compiled in the driver, as well as the sound driver.
I don't know if it matters, but my PAS sound is set to an invalid
IRQ.  This shouldn't affect the CDROM, though.  Anybody
help out there?


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