hdc: BCD-20X 1997-05-27, ATAPI CDROM drive

hdc: BCD-20X 1997-05-27, ATAPI CDROM drive

Post by Adam Armstron » Fri, 07 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Ullo Linux puppies,

I've got a problem with the above mentioned cdrom. I originally had
another cdrom installed (slower 2x) and wanted to install this "faster"
one. It reads data cd's fine, but when I try to play audio cd's, the cd
is constantly skipping, actually, it just seems to spin too fast and no
sound coming out. Used both xmcd and eplus's audio cd player (running
under X-Windows and Enlightenment) and both seem to spin the cd too
fast. Is there a fix for this?

First, I just changed the cdrom units as I figured with the kernel
installed with the standard ide cdrom drivers it should work. It didn't.
So I tweaked with the kernel, recompiled, and still the same thing. Even
checked the Linux FAQs and LDP for anything relating to the cdrom made
by BTC with no luck.

BTW: have tried it with Linux 2.1.30 and 2.1.60 and the Crystal
Semiconductor CS4236B soundcard.

At a loss here :\