Printer, parallel to usb, and Segmentation Faults

Printer, parallel to usb, and Segmentation Faults

Post by Anto » Fri, 09 May 2003 23:35:24

I own a HP2230 parallel printer connected to a usb port to a PC through
parallel to usb adapter that uses a PL2305 (Prolific Technology).
I've a debian woody with 2.4.18 688 smp kernel an cupsys installes.

Sometimes, I get this errors:
        "Printer not connected, will retry in 30 seconds"
and     "Usb port busy,  will retry in 30 seconds".

When I get this I've no other option than stop cupsys and hotplug and
them again, first hotplug and then cupsys.

If I restart hotplug instead of stop&start them, I can get a complete
and hang of the system. So usually, I only stop it at a time.

Well. So many times, stopping hotplug I get this error:
        Stopping hotplug subsystem: usb/etc/hotplug/usb.rc: line 7:
        Segmentation fault      rmmod usb-ohci usb-uhci uhci >/dev/null

After this, if I type lsmod, I get this.
        usb-uhci                   0   0  (deleted)
        usbcore                50272   0  [usb-uhci]
So I've no other option than restart the system (when I can).

I'think that the problem could be in the PL2305 adapter, but I'm not

Any idea?

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