Rhino Vendors / Experiences (esp. Mega Tech)?

Rhino Vendors / Experiences (esp. Mega Tech)?

Post by David L. Cra » Mon, 29 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I have been having a difficult time finding Rhino 5
suppliers.  I've looked at OcTek's Web site, but it doesn't
provide the detailed information I was hoping to find.
The vendors I have gleaned from CS say different things:
PBO COAST is/is not yet supported, Rhino 6 can/cannot be
had with the Viper chipset, thus giving me the sense that
no one knows what they're talking about.  Can anyone clear
up these comtradictions?

Ken at Mega Tech in Bensalem, PA says they can build
a Rhino system anyway I like.  Should I believe him?
Their 25% restocking fee is a real turn-off.  Who has had a
good experience with a Rhino 5 PBO parity FPM Pxx system?
Will a Rhino board support all processor families or just
one, and at what speeds?  Should I trust anyone to put
together a complete system or build it myself?


1. Let's tell vendors about crappy tech support

Ok, I'm sure that everyone is tired of getting parts that don't work
and/or dealing with tech support that doesn't work and/or long wait
times while waiting on tech support or just other general problems
with companies that the companies don't seem to want to resolve.

If any of this is true, I invite people who have had problems to
send details of the problems they have had to

web page of companies with tech support problems.   I call it the
Complaint Desk.  Maybe if some of these vendors get the idea that
we're tired of the crap, then maybe they'll straighten up their act.
(or they'll try to sue me for slander...)   On that note, please
only send verifiable facts of problems you have had.  I want people,
who are looking for companies to deal with, to be able to get what
they want, in the time frame they wanted, and for it to work right
the first time.

This page is born out of the frustration I have been through in the
past month trying to buy a decent motherboard, so currently it only
has a few things on it, but I know that there's enough of you out
there who have run into problems like this that you'll want to speak

The url is:       http://umbra.arch.bsu.edu/pshaffer/
which includes my page of Linux experiences as well as other things.
When you send me information, please tell me if I can use your name
or anonymous and if I can put a link to your e-mail address.

Also, I don't want this to be a negative page, if anyone has had
repeated good luck with a company, I've included an area for
that as well.

Thanks to everyone!
Phil Shaffer
The Linux Experience  http://umbra.arch.bsu.edu/pshaffer

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