ASUS motherboard (P4SDX and maybe recent versions of P4S8X or P4PE/P4GE) compatibility with Linux/FreeBSD?

ASUS motherboard (P4SDX and maybe recent versions of P4S8X or P4PE/P4GE) compatibility with Linux/FreeBSD?

Post by Lucius Chiaravigl » Sat, 26 Apr 2003 20:43:59

(4 of 5 queries; no point reading this if you aren't using an ASUS

        I am narrowing down my list of motherboards to consider for my next
system to run Linux or FreeBSD.  The ASUS P4SDX on this short list, and the
P4S8X-X and P4S8X Gold could get on it if I get confirmation that they do
not have the problems of the original P4S8X; the P4PE or P4GE could get on
it if I could find a little bit more information about them.  (The P4SDX got
pretty good reviews on hardware sites; people in the ASUS mainboard newsgroup
widely reported problems with the original P4S8X, but the P4S8X-X and P4S8X
Gold sound like they might be better; some people in the ASUS claimed in the
last few months that the P4PE is better, but no details about Linux or
FreeBSD compatibility unless I missed something on

        Unfortunately, it is extremely hard to find compatibility information
for recent (read:  still available) products.  (For instance, the Linux
Hardware How-To and the FreeBSD list of supported hardware do not seem to have
very many recent products.)  Hardware review sites other than give no information about this either, and
only has very scattered reviews of recent products (and those sound rather
scary in the compatibility department).  Most of the manufacturers' web sites
are no help either, and the ASUS web site is no exception, having no Linux or
FreeBSD compatibility information whatsoever.  I know at least a few people in
these newsgroups have tested some of these motherboards (but apparently not
yet the P4SDX) -- anyone have a comprehensive summary to give about the
compatibility of the on-board hardware?  I do not have much doubt that the
operating system will boot, but will it be able to use the on-board sound,
network, and USB 2.0 hardware?

        Also, how bad is the performance hit going to be for using the
on-board graphics of the i845GE chip set (assuming that this is compatible
with XFree86 4.x) if I use an i845GE-based board instead of an i845PE-based
board with add-on AGP video card?  (The various hardware review sites seem to
avoid covering this, even for Windows, let alone for a free operating system.)

Lucius Chiaraviglio

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