Intel 740 Express 3D

Intel 740 Express 3D

Post by SHOC » Tue, 30 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I just recently purchased an Expess 3D grafic card with the i740 chipset,
and I
would like to know I can install it under Linux Mandrake 5.3!!!!!



1. AGP 2D/3D 8M card for X, Linux - Intel 740/ Matrox G100?

Essentially I'm looking for an  AGP based 2D/3D 8Meg (2D 1280x1024 in
truecolour, and quick 3D for running Quake) graphics board which
currently has (or soon - say  2-3 months) Linux (and hopefully someday
BeOs) support.

I'm considering an Intel 740 based graphics board. As far as I have
been able to ascertain X/Linux support is still lacking. Certainly it
appears as if Real3D (Starfighter) have little interest in doing
anything about this.

Intel are planning their own 740 based card, but information is still
a tad limited. Are these or any other cards likely to see Linux
support any time soon? IOW are the chip/card vendors forthcoming with
information so that the Linux community can do the necessary?

The other board I was considering is the Matrox based productiva G100
one. (I know the Millenium is supported but 3D performance is somewhat
lacking by today's standards). Matrox haven't bothered replying. What
are the prospects on this side?

Any other graphics card suggestions which you know work well and fit
the above criteria are welcome.


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