PS2 mouse on Intel Plato - how?

PS2 mouse on Intel Plato - how?

Post by Markus Waldor » Wed, 20 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I would like to connect a PS2 bus mouse to my Premiere/PCI II
Baby-AT Board (Pentium 75). Since I'm using a 4 port serial card, 2
Ethernet and Adpatec SCSI, Soundcard. I'm running out of available
IRQ's for any further card installation. I've noticed that the BIOS
reserves an IRQ for for a PS2 mouse (12?). I can see a lable "mouse"
next to the keyboard connector, but no pin connectors for the mouse.
I have an adaptor for my Microsoft PS2 compatible serial mouse
(DB-15/DIN-9) and a connector with a cable for the board. But were
should I connect it to. Is it possible? Would I "simply" have to
solder in the pin connector on the board somewhere?

Perhpas someone could help me or guide me to the directions were I
would find an answer to this question.

Thanks in advance.
Markus Waldorf

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