ICL Monitor - ValuePlus & Cirrus Logic 5428

ICL Monitor - ValuePlus & Cirrus Logic 5428

Post by cou.. » Tue, 20 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I know that I can configurate my ideo card width Linux but it seems to
me that my ICL Monitor don't really like the 1024x768 mode 256 colors.
Can somebody help me with giving me all the frequencies (Horiz and
Vert) for my monitor ? Tanks.


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I have a graphics card from Spider Graphics and it uses Cirrus Logic
Accelerated Chip set clgd5428. I have viewsonic 6e 14'' monitor.
The monitor in its spec says it operates in pre-set mode at
1024x768 resolution(the one that I would like to have) at 60 Hz non-interlaced.
The clock timings  from modeDB.txt file for Viewsonic 6e itself did not work.
So I took the timings from  the standard VGA clock timings

great but when there is data output to the windows/or mouse moments on the
screen there is visible flicker that runs top to bottom. So I would like
to know for this card/monitor combination what would be the
parameter values. Please send me mail if u can.

Any help appreciated,


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