Exabyte Systems with Linux?

Exabyte Systems with Linux?

Post by David S. Stephenso » Tue, 08 Jun 1999 04:00:00

has anyone got experience with using an Exabyte Eliant
or Mammoth with a PC running Linux?
I've been using an Exabyte 8200 successfully for several years,
but now I need to store more data faster.
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Exabyte Systems with Linux?

Post by Frank Bure » Tue, 29 Jun 1999 04:00:00

>has anyone got experience with using an Exabyte Eliant
>or Mammoth with a PC running Linux?
>I've been using an Exabyte 8200 successfully for several years,
>but now I need to store more data faster.

I have been running both on DELL PowerEdge4300 on the internal narrow SCSI.
No problem with the Eliant 820.  Go to the Exabyte Website and read their
document titled "Integrating an Exabyte Tape Drive into a Linux System".
Basically, there are no compressing drivers available, so if you want
compression, you have to do
mt -f /dev/st0 setdensity 140
on Eliant 820 before running tar or dd.  Set block size to variable
mt -f /dev/st0 setblk 0

Of course you can MAKEDEV nstx for non-rewiding tapes.

MAMMOTH LT is quite amazing.  The tapes are a bit on the expensive side
(CDN$100 a piece), but it runs well.  The only problem is that there is no
compression available as yet with the current 'mt'.  I've been using tar
-z, but if I backup a remote machine with a slow processor, the z option
makes the whole thing crawl.  I filed an option request with RedHat to
include the MAMMOTH LT support with the next version of 'mt'.

The only problem I had was when I tried to run large remote backups during
normal business hours when our Ethernet is very heavily loaded, I was
intermittently getting kernel errors "write command not a multiple of block
size" or something to that tune.  The problems disappeared when I moved the
backups to cron and 2:00 am.

If you have any additional questions, E-mail me at your convenience.

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I was trying to back up my system with tar of all things this weekend, and much
to my suprise my system hung while trying to tar to tape. I rebooted, and tried
to read from a good tar tape, just to see if I could. Once again my system hung
with out the least indication as to why.

My configuration is as follows:

Adaptec 1542CF SCSI Controller
ExaByte 8200 Tape drive
Fujitsu 1Gig Drive
Texel CDrom
Nec 3xp CDrom

I started the backup and let it sit overnight thinking that the writes might
need to be caught up, and once that happened the backup would continue. Well
came back next morning system was in the same place. I tried to telnet in,
could not get connected even.

I am running Linux 1.1.59, I have a Sound Blaster Pro, 3c509 net card, ati
Mach32 video card, 4 serial, 2 paralell. ( I know most of this does not matter,
but I thought I would include incase there is somthing that might ring a bell).

I would appreciate any help that I might get.


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