Solved: Abit HotRod 100 and Trustix

Solved: Abit HotRod 100 and Trustix

Post by Roger Jense » Fri, 29 Jun 2001 21:10:59

I questioned for a sollution to getting the Abit HotRod 100 UDMA/100
controller up and running on Trustix Secure Linux. Since I didn't get any
constuctive answers I had to brows some other sources, and I eventually
solved it... In case some others have the same problem, here's the answer...

Upgrade to kernel 2.4.5. This kernel supports this controller through the
Busmastering and HPT366-module...

I hope this is usefull information to some other poor souls out there... :)

Roger Jensen


1. ABIT HOTROD 100 (hpt370) on IA32

Is there drivers available for Abit HotRod 100 IDE-RAID card? I'm running
Solaris 8 on an IA32 platform.

I have checked both and I am now
really desperate because i have lots of HDD space available and can't
afford new SCSI-controller and SCSI-disks.


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