Cisco Aironet 350 Wireless PCI 802.11 card - problems!

Cisco Aironet 350 Wireless PCI 802.11 card - problems!

Post by Jim McCorma » Thu, 19 Jul 2001 00:31:45

Hello All:

I am having much difficulties getting a Cisco Aironet 350 Wirless PCI
card to work under linux.  The "PCI" card is really a pci card with a
socket which holds the pcmcia card.

Cisco has drivers for linux on their website.  They list 3 possible
ways to install the drivers and get the card to work.  I am installing
this card in a machine with a fresh install of Redhat 7.1.

brief description of Ciscos 3 install methods.
1)   Use their pre-compiled binaries for Redhat 7.1
2)  Patch your pristine redhat 7.1 kernel sources and compile to
create the modules you need
3)  remove pcmcia support from the kernel.  Download a recent version
of the pcmcia-cs package.  Replace the airo module sources with the
new cisco sources, compile and install.

None of these methods seems to work for me.  It is not that I have any
trouble performing the steps, but pcmcia support never loads and if I
load the airo.o driver manually it loads but locks the machine up.  I
have tried this card in two different machines.

Has anyone successfully configured and setup a Cisco 350 aironet PCI
card?  I would appreciate your experiences.


Jim McCormack


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Anyone know of any problems using this card?  The person I'm getting
the card from says he has Linux drivers, but he's never used them and
I'm wondering how they work.  I'm especially wondering if they're

I haven't checked the Cisco WWW site yet, but I'm looking for
experience and anecdotes anyway.

I'm using Debian (unstable) and Linux 2.4.1.


  "Knowing that a lot of people across the world with Geocities sites
absolutely despise me is about the only thing that can add a positive
spin to this situation."  - Something Awful, 1/11/2001

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