RedHat 5.0 and AHA-2920 scsi controller

RedHat 5.0 and AHA-2920 scsi controller

Post by Curtis Jame » Fri, 26 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Anyone have succsess getting redhat to recognize the adaptec AH-2920
card? Is it the fact that its PCI? please!


1. RedHat 5 - AHA-2920 SCSI Controler

I've a problem with installing Linux on my machine via CDROM.

I've partitioned my disk 730MB IDE into 1*200MB Windows95 partition (SR2)
and I'm trying to use the rest for Linux.

I have a CDROM and 1GB Hard DIsk attached to an Adaptec 2920 Scsi
Now I've installed Win95 and win95 has configured itself thus
I/O 6100-610F
Intr 15
ALL works fine.

Come now to my Linux install!!
If I place the Linux CD into the CDROM Drive IT will spin up and boot to
the Boot: Prompt, so it can access the SCSI bus, but if I then press
return and it boot, when It comes to the question of where to install
Linux FROM, i.e. my CDROM. I tell it I have a SCSI cdrom and it lists a
few controllers to pick from, the 2920 is not listed but the 154x,174x,
294x, are listed. I've tried the Future Domain (both) drivers but It
won't have it.

The CDROM & HDD are both external to the system in a Lion Box. CD=ID5
HDD=ID6. Internal DAT ID=2

What am I doing wrong?? It can see it because it boots (MY CMOS IS NOT
I've been told to enter at the boot prompt
: linux fdomain=0x6100,15,7,1, and although it boot's it complains about
the string.

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