Unusual HW question on Creative AWE32 ISA

Unusual HW question on Creative AWE32 ISA

Post by Trashguar » Fri, 07 Feb 2003 04:50:32

Hello everyone,

I posted this one at driverguide.com long (> 5 months) ago but did not
get any replies so I thought I might try here now. I also posted this in
the creative.products.sound_blaster.awe ng but there does not seem to be
much traffic at all }:< .

This is an easy but unusual question since it only requires a close look
at the card itself. Allright, the problem is that it is highly dependant
on the board since creative gave out at least two boards with the same
marking (ct2760) on them of which I own one each. The thing is that on
one of the boards two capacitors are missing and I do not know their
values to be able to replace them. I do have a (crappy) photo of the
card with the capacitors marked and their numbers stated that can be
viewed at the address:


The values of the capacitors are different on the two versions of the
card. Therefore it is essential that your card matches EXACTLY the one
on the image or otherwise the information is useless or even dangerous
so please verify that!

Furthermore, I would appreciate that anybody whose card matches the
image to report their findings so I can see if there are differences on
the cards as well and be sure to have the correct ones.

Thank you in advance,


P.S.: The numbers are markings on the board which may or may not
identify it more distinctly. The 039436 is located at the upper right
end (in the image) of the card beneath a block of some SMD components (8
little rectangular thingies). The ct 534B0 is located at the BACK of the
board (not in the image) and is printed in black at the upper right end
of the board if you hold it like in the image and then turn it
vertically so that the ISA plug comes to the bottom while the connector
arrays stay at their positions (the CDROM ones at the right and the
external ones at the left).

The numbers may or may not be equal or even similar although I think at
least the 039436 should be so if your board looks exactly like in the
image with only the numbers differing it`s probably the same anyway so
report your findings in this case as well, the numbers are just
additional info.

Thank you!!

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