Linux Pentium system suggestion.

Linux Pentium system suggestion.

Post by Yuk Yuk Ch » Sun, 04 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I'm going to buy a pentium system. the budget is around $20k(HKD),
my native operating system would be Linux, and DOS/WIN ocationally
for playing games, after doing some homeworks.  I constructed a list
below, and would like some feedbacks from you.

motherboard     : ASUS PCI/TP4
why?    :intel tritron chipset, flash EPROM, support EDO ram
        got support from asus via internet,can get new bios anytime i want
         (the site is  )
cpu :           p-90 may be a p100

ram:    2 x 4mb, i know it is not enought, but i must within budget
        unless i get 2x16mb, it is not cheap to get 2x8mb
Harddisk:       conner 1275mb fast ata
        (fast ata mode 4, 16.6 mbs transfer rate, 3 yr warranty
        and it is cheap $2300(hkd) only)
floppy : 1 1.44

video card: s3 trio 64 w/2 mb
        (lots of support from XFree3.1.1 also pretty fast .
        anyone tried viewing video cd on that? that means it needs to have
        DCI support build in rite? i'm not quite sure, can anyone
        correct me if i am wrong)

monitor:        umm... i'm after a 15'inch flat square
        1st choice SONY 15sf
        may be a EIZO 15. any one got any infomation?

keyboard, : 101,
mouse:  a 3 buttons mouse,coz i use X windows a lot, can switch between
        ms mouse and pc mouse.

cdrom: currently in mind is Toshiba 4x ide
        any suggestions?
        i heard it has some problem when connected to asus motherboard
        2nd ide,

modem : 28.8k external
        I need suggestions
        the cheapest i can get is LYMIC and zoltrix .. anyone using it?

sound system:.. ummmm this is the hardest part
        I mainly playing games and listen to midi files.
        yes, I want wavetables , i'm sick of SB's boring FM musics
        configurations in mind are

        Ultrasound Max, upgrade to 1mb ram (44256)
                for: excellent sound if native support is present.
                native support under linux
                again : shit SB emulation, some old games will not run

        UMAX, + SB 16
                for: must buy one more card
                but can use sb16 for digital voice and UMAX for music
                and no compatible problem at all.
                again:umm.... expensive?

        SB16 + Korg chipset wavetable daughter board
                for :   i heard it is really good.
                coz korg is true GM(general MIDI)
                but where can i get it? or by mail order?

                for: true sb compatibility, can upgrade to 32mb ram

                again:will never be supported under linux
                sounds not so good?

        SBAWE32 value editions,
                for : cheap, ( not so cheap actually)
                against: cannot upgrad. no one recommand it

        SB16 + any wavetable DB ( daughter board )
                like ultrasound ace, rio... etc.



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