Q: AHA2940 (bios 1.23) and ASUS SP3 crashes - any advice?

Q: AHA2940 (bios 1.23) and ASUS SP3 crashes - any advice?

Post by Michael Kirchne » Fri, 13 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Hello together,

I just ran into serious problems when upgrading an AHA-1542 to the
AHA-2940 in the board mentioned above.
The linux kernel is 2.0.0 and support for both adapters is included.
The system boots up without problems but when I tried to write a
filesytem to a SCSI-disk the system locked up - only a hard reset
Afterwards the filesystem on my root disk was corrupted (which was
physically not the disk I tried to write the filesystem to), but I was
able to fix these problems.
Anyway, I plugged in the old 1542 again and was able to write the
filesystem to the disk without any trouble.

I suppose that either
- the SP3 and the AHA-2940 don't like each other
- the kernel 2.0.0 has problems with the AHA-2940 and bios 1.23
- both of the above apply

Has anyone experienced (and solved..) similar problems?
Which kernel release do you sucessfully run with AHA-2940 having bios

Thanks in advanve for any help!



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Dear Josh,
thank you for your reply. My motheboard is PVI-486SP3, recently I have
upgraded to BIOS version 205. Yesterday, I solved my problem.
The problem was in IDE prefetch mode enabled in BIOS setup.
After disabling this mode everything become works OK.


Oleg Bartunov - researcher, hostmaster
Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow University


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