FS: DEC ALpha and VME I/O Surplus Hardware

FS: DEC ALpha and VME I/O Surplus Hardware

Post by Adam Pemberto » Thu, 14 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Due to changes in our market focus CICS Automation
are selling of VME hardware. We have a significant
inventory of equipment that is now surplus to our
needs. The Hardware is mostly new and we are
selling well below cost for a quick sale.

The hardware includes:
   - DEC Alpha VME Processor Boards
   - VME (VMI and Motorolla) I/O and Serial Cards
   - VME racks with power-supplies
   - PMC to PCMCIA cards
   - Flash Disks
   - AUI to BNC and AUI to UTP transceivers

CICS Automation will provide a full 3 Month warranty
on all product sold.

A full list with pricing is available at:

or contact us at:

CICS Automation
Ph:    +61 2 4965 6700
Fax:   +61 2 4965 6705