Kernel support for Trantor 130b SCSI card

Kernel support for Trantor 130b SCSI card

Post by Wing Chun » Mon, 25 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Hello all,

A while ago I have read in one of the FAQs that people are working on adding
support for Trantor 130b SCSI card to the Linux Kernel. I ftp'ed the SCSI
kernels after I read the message but seemed that my card was not recognised.
(0 SCSI host detected on system boot-up).

Does anyone have any luck with using a Trantor 130b scsi card with Linux, and
which kernel revision should I get to have my scsi card recognisable my Linux
(and how about the settings on my scsi card???).

Thanks in advance.

Wing C.

ps the card works fine with the current settings in DOS/MS Windows.



1. trouble installing Slackware Pro with Trantor 130b SCSI Card

I'm trying to install the Morse Telecommunications Slackware Pro 2.0 CDROM and
find that after I boot off the Boot and Root floppies and get to the
installation screen, Linux won't recognize my CDROM. Hence I can't complete
the installation.

I have a Trantor 130b SCSI card (at 350h) attached to a Toshiba 3401b CDROM
drive. From reading the FAQs and HOWTOs I gather that there's an extra step
you have to take to use the Trantor card, but the documents are vague about
what it is. (Or at least vague enough to bamboozle me!)

I am using the plain vanilla SCSI boot disk image that comes with the
Slackware Pro distribution. I've tried the Sony and other drivers as well, but
I haven't had any luck. I should note, if this matters, that I have a
Soundblaster Pro card installed, though I don't use if for CDROM services.

Is there a command I need to issue at the # prompt to get Linux to see the
Trantor controller?

Any help is deeply, deeply appreciated.

Bob Cauthorn

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