Color Printing with Epson Stylus ??

Color Printing with Epson Stylus ??

Post by Larry Putm » Sat, 10 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Using GhostScript I am able to view and print color *.ps files however
the picture only prints in gray scale on my epson stylus color printer.
Can someone tell me how to configure GhostScript to print in color??
Larry Putman




Color Printing with Epson Stylus ??

Post by Bryan Lev » Sun, 11 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Get the latest (3.3) version.  The device is called "stcolor".  If you're not
using stcolor, you're using the wrong driver.

I tried intermediate drivers (escp2, escp2dither, etc), but stcolor seems
pretty good.


web: <a href=""> Bryan Levin </a>


1. Color printing with Epson Stylus Color printer ???

I have succeeded in getting reasonably good grayscale
ouput from my Epson Stylus Color printer using ghostscript
and its escp2 driver but no luck so far with color.

I have tried the other Epson drivers (epson, eps9high and
epsonc) but they did not work as well as escp2.

Any suggestions ??


Gary Mart

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