PCMCIA Removable HardDisk

PCMCIA Removable HardDisk

Post by Colin Co » Wed, 07 Aug 1996 04:00:00

At work we have a desktop machine that has a DataBook PCMCIA card
reader.  I am interested to know whether (and if so how) to Linux to
recognise this disk.  I have looked in /etc/pcmcia/config and there does
not seem to be any driver information.  The disk is a Maxtor 105Mb.  
Linux is version 1.2.13.  I am unsure of the PCMCIA version.

Please email me with suggestions/advise



1. mount removable harddisk?

I have a removable harddisk carrier installed in my linuxbox.
It's a sort of tray, where you put an ordinary harddisk, and
then have a very easy way of taking it with you.

My problem is this:

I know that the IDE interface is not made for "hot-plug", (that
is, putting the harddisk in, while the system is booted), but
it would be nice if it would work anyway.

I have tried to insert the harddisk while the system was booted
and then tried to mount it, but mount complains that "device is
not a block device. I think this is because the kernel have not
yet "probed" the IDE bus, as it does at boot-up.

Is there a way to make the kernel aware of the inserted harddisk,
so that I can mount it?
Jesper Holm Olsen, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen

Homepage: http://www.diku.dk/students/dunkel/

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