soundcard, cdrom!!!

soundcard, cdrom!!!

Post by john hi » Wed, 21 May 1997 04:00:00

- anybody know if there are any modules, or any other way to get
a goldstar 420 cdrom, and/or a reveal sc400 soundcard to work?

btw, the cdrom uses the soundcard as the interface.

                -John Hink



1. SoundCards/CDROMs/Linux

Does anyone out there know or use the following sound card and CD-Rom combo's
with Linux? I currently have a Longshine AT-Bus Interface Card and InfoMagic's
June 1994 Linux disks but I can't get Linux to notice the CD-Rom.

I am going to upgrade to a 16 bit sound card, the SoundBlaster 16 card is
pricey and has bugger all accessories, whereas the other two have better
packages. These packages will be worth shit, if the cards are not supported by

The cd-rom drive is a Panasonic 562 CD-Rom drive

The cards are :
                Audiowave Green 16 (Sound Card) by Multiwave Innovations
                LaserWave Nucleus 16 (Sound Card) by ACS Computers

Both the above sound cards are SB compatible but they both have software
controlled volume settings, Does the SB pro & 16 have this feature?

Any advise will be gratefully accepted.

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