Video Card Help: Trident ProVidia 9685 chipset

Video Card Help: Trident ProVidia 9685 chipset

Post by john » Sat, 05 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Hi all,

I have a cheap-o 2mb video card that uses the Trident ProVidia 9685
chipset. I've got it so that I can run X, but it "has problems". In
XF86Setup, I just set it to Trident 9680 (figuring at least the number was
close<g>), but I'm hoping someone can tell me what I should really be
using. When I return to normal text mode, the characters are trashed and I
have to reboot to see anything normally.

Thanks for any advice,
John Q.


1. Help: Providia Trident 9685

Any help you can provide with configuring a Trident Providia 9685 (3D
multimedia 64-bit, etc.) would be most appreciated.  I'd like to run it
under Metro X (running RH 5) or xf86.  Although this card is listed as being
supported by xf86, it's not in the list when I run xf86config.  Generic
Trident doesn't seem to work in Metro's configX.

One strange thing is that although 4 meg are installed (and recognized in
windows) only 2 meg are reported by SuperProbe.

+AFs-I'm on a AMD 233 machine with 64 Meg and a 17+ACI- plug N play monitor

Thanks in advance,

-Dan Talayco

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