Problem with large IDE-drive

Problem with large IDE-drive

Post by Leif Lundgr » Fri, 28 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Does anyone out there know how to make Linux (RH5, 2.0.32) understand
that there is a big IDE-drive connected?
I have a 12GB Quantum harddrive as /dev/hdc.
In the boot-log you can clearly see that Linux thinks that is just a
8.4GB drive.
The drive works in NT so there is not a BIOS problem. I have tried to
change modes (LBA/LARGE/NORMAL) but that doesn't change a thing.
I tried to use boot-options in /etc/lilo.conf but it didn't help.
Do you have any ideas?

Problem with large IDE-drive

Post by M. Buchenried » Fri, 28 Aug 1998 04:00:00

>Does anyone out there know how to make Linux (RH5, 2.0.32) understand
>that there is a big IDE-drive connected?
>I have a 12GB Quantum harddrive as /dev/hdc.


For drives with a capacity of > 9GB, you'll probably need
a newer fdisk version.



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1. Large IDE hard drive & "Big IDEs" HOWTO

(Lifted from my nephew who is presently denied access to News Groups:)

Subject: Large IDE hard drives.


 I am unable to access my large IDE drive.  Yes, I have read the "big-ide"
 help document (which did contain useful information).

 I have just installed the Slackware 3.0.0 (ELF) from the 5 CD-ROM set.

 I have 1.2GB(hda) and 200MB(hdb) IDE drives on my system.  I have installed
 Linux on hdb (200MB), dedicating the drive to a ext2 file system and a swap

 I have an fairly old system, so I have to use EZ drive software to access
 my large IDE drive under DOS/Windows 95.  I believe it resides in the boot

 I currently boot Linux from a floppy.

 I have added the lines:

   append="hd=2477,16,63 hd=683,16,38"


 to my "lilo.conf" file, and executed lilo to update the boot sector (of the
 floppy I boot from).

 When I boot I receive messages indicating that the above lines have indeed
 gone into effect.

 Incidently, when I boot, I get the message:

   "No BIOS32 extensions present.  This release still depends on it. Sorry."

 If I try to mount my large drive (which is unfortunatly, partitioned/formatted
 as one large DOS [VFAT] drive) with

    mount -t msdos /dev/hda /mnt

 I receive the error message:

    "wrong fs type or bad superblock on /dev/hda"

 I have no trouble mounting DOS floppies (/dev/fd0).

 If I run Linux fdisk, go to expert mode and change the heads and cylinders
 to the "bogus" values (i.e., 618 cyls, 64 heads), then look at the partition
 table, I get several errors.  Under DOS or Windows, Norton Disk Doctor says
 that my partition table (and everything else about my drive) is fine.

 Any help accessing my large drive would be appreciated.

Ed can be reached directly at:

 He  and I thank you.

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