How to run NON-ATAPI Mitsumi CDROM without interrupts ?

How to run NON-ATAPI Mitsumi CDROM without interrupts ?

Post by hemmerl.. » Thu, 20 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Hello !
I got an old MITSUMI DoubleSPeed CDROM (non-ATAPI = older) with own
16-bit controller,
IRQ 11, IO $340.
I am trying to run Debian Linux of mid 1999 (2 CD edition from the
german CHIP special magazine)

With the Mitsumi kernel module, the usual parameters are
for my controller. But this hardware does not work correctly in
interrupt mode (a timeout occurs when addressing a cdrom for reading
bigger files). So for MSDOS and WIN95, I am using the "poll" mode -
works great for this old computer.

m?? - I dont remember the eact mnemonic as I am typing here, but I know

So how may I configure the Mitsumi kernel module for non-interrupt
operation = poll mode
is the wrong solution

Please answer to the newsgroups AND please answer personally.

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