Newbie needs help with NIC

Newbie needs help with NIC

Post by Mike » Tue, 27 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Hello Linux Gurus,

I installed Red Hat 5.1 on a 266 PII.  The install went well except for
my NIC. It is a plug and play card, but is on the tier 2 Linux HCL
(Intel EthernetExpress PRO/10+ ISA (SW Rel 3.5).

So I dumped out the card using pnpdump.  Pnpdump sees the card, yet the
installer does not?  Anyway, I vi'd the dump as pnpisa.conf and ran as
root pnpisa pnpisa.conf.  This did not work, either from command line -
or on reboot (pnpisa.conf in /etc).

I then tried to set the card in conf.modules, and reboot...  No luck.

My pnpisa.conf file orginally looked like this, as written by pnpdump:
My *windows setting* for the card is io=210-21F irq=5

(CONFIGURE INT1031/-911850112 (LD 0
(IO 0 (BASE 0x0200))
(INT 0 (IRQ 3 (MODE +E)))

This did not work. pnpisa consistently refused to read past the first

My conf.modules file looks like this:

alias eth 0 eepro
alias eth0 options -k io=210 irq=5

I tried every combination with the io param i.e., (0210,210-21F,
0210-021F etc...) rebooting after each change.  I see the modules
loading message at boot time, but the interface is never created.

Any corrections to the above - suggestions - help would be

Please remove ".nojunkmail" from my
address before replying............


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Hi and thanks in advance...

No matter what I have tried I can not get redhat 6.2 to acknowledge the
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words... Any suggestions?


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