My cdrom only recognized after dos recognizes it

My cdrom only recognized after dos recognizes it

Post by kendall sh » Thu, 21 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I have an Acculogic sIDE-2/PCI card. On the
primary channel are two hard drives and on the second channel there is
a single Sony CDU55E cdrom jumpered as master. If I cat /proc/pci, it

Host bridge: Silicon Integrated Systems 85C496 (rev 1).

Something about my diamond stealth 64 dram, and:

IDE controller: CMD 640A (rev 2). 8259's interrupt 15.

I've added

append = "hda=serialize"

to my lilo.conf (as README.ide instructed me to do)

append = "hda=serialize hdc=cdrom"


Detecting CD-ROM: DRDY error: status 0xff

Anyway, if I start up from power off and boot linux, my cd-rom drive is
not recognized. But If I boot dos with acculogic's driver (which
recognizes the cd-rom drive), and then reboot and enter linux, the
cd-rom drive is recognized. The same has been true for NT, however I
found a driver for NT for this card on acculogic's bbs and now NT
recognizes the cd-rom after a cold boot, and there after linux does too.

Does anyone have any idea about how I can remedy this situation. I
suppose I could start using loadlin...


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