serial-port cards

serial-port cards

Post by e.. » Sat, 22 Mar 2003 15:41:51

> I have one that I got at a local shop, but whenever I write to it, it
> locks up my computer.  :-(

I think I solved it.  I can't be quite sure, as it goes to a UPS that
doesn't send any characters (just twiddles some status lines), but the
computer does not lock up when I access /dev/ttyS4.

The trick was, in the kernel configuration,
Character Devices ->
 [*] Extended dumb serial driver options
 [*]   Support more than 4 serial ports

But dmesg says /dev/ttyS4 is at IRQ 10, and /proc/interrupts does not show
anything at that IRQ.  Hmm.


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