tape drive recommendations?

tape drive recommendations?

Post by Keith W Sheffiel » Thu, 01 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Does anyone have any tape drive recommendations?

I'm thinking about getting one since my EzFlyer has been discontinued
and the amount of data I need to backup is going to overwelm the amount
of cartridges I have for it.

Since this is going to be for the home, I don't need blazing backup
times or huge capacity.  The emphasis is on relilability, ease of
working with it under Linux, and cost of the drive and the cartridges
that it uses.

I'm looking at some SCSI travan drives, but I don't know that much about
them and would greatly appreciate any advice.


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1. Tape Drive recommendations

I wrote a couple weeks ago regarding fileserver and tape drive questions
and got some useful responses so I'm trying again, hoping people
will have some useful suggestions...

I currently work for a non-profit organization where I'm responsible for
all things loosely related to computers.  I'm planning to use FreeBSD as
a fileserver (via Samba) and I'm trying to decide on what options I
should use for a tape drive.

One person recommended exabyte 8mm, 8200 and 8500 for tape drives and
I'm wondering if anyone else has recommendations in that area.

My priorities are that the tape drive work relatively easily with
FreeBSD (I've never used a tape drive with my FreeBSD box), that it be
reliable, and that the cost be reasonable.

I'm at a non-profit organization where they don't have much money to
throw around on this kind of thing and the last thing I want to do is
waste money.

One option that must be considered is the possibility of buying an HP
Colorado drive.  While it doesn't work with FreeBSD (that I know of), it
would at least allow me to back up the Windows portion of the network
(including the files made accessible by Samba, I assume).  As I wouldn't
be making much use out of the FreeBSD fileserver outside of serving
files, I assume that this might be enough.

Good points to doing this would be the price ($250-400) and the relative
ease of installation.

I'd like to be able to back up the FreeBSD box as well as the network

If anyone has suggestions, I'm available at my email address as well.


Jim Zoetewey

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