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you was right, thank you.

1. Did I download the right stuff and did it download right???

I'd like to set up FreeBSD and have found relitivly little spacific
documentation on setting it up. First of all, I cant find any where that
says what exactly I need to download from the distribution sights. I
took a wild guess and got the whole 2.2.5-release directory/sub-dirs.
But when downloading it came accross the 2.2.5-release/packages/xxx,
where xxx were directorys which containded symbolic links to what I
assume were gunzip files in the 2.2.5-release/packages/all/ directory.
But anyway, it didn't download all the symbolic links.

Did I get the right stuff???
Are those links not being there going to affect installation???
When I install it, do I need the whole 2.2.5-release directory available
to the install program or just certain sub-directorys?

Thanks in advance

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