I need really help, please I don't what can i do !!!!

I need really help, please I don't what can i do !!!!

Post by Benoit PLESSI » Fri, 22 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Hello, Thanks for reading me .

I have buy an Amd K6-2 300 64 Mo RAM 8,4Go HD (IBM) in november. All
seems to works good. But one day I have tryed to install the Caldera
DR-DOS 7 who have worked good on my Cyrix P150+. During the install I
gave up an 'Error divie by zero' message so I asked my reseller who said
me i will exchange the cpu.

And now after 2,5 month my machine seem to work properly under Win98 but
Under Linux i gave serious problemes (I didn't have tried now the DrDos)

first I needed to disable the Fast AGP option of my BIOS to got the
compilations working better ...

Under Linux Debian 2.0-3 I can compile now the old 2.0 and the new 2.2
kernel. The Devel 2.1 compilation could hang up with an signal 11
message .

Under linux Redhat 5.0 I can compile the whole kernels (so it seems
working good) since I have exchanged a 32 Mo PC-100 SDRAM who don't seem
to work.
Under Linux RedHat 5.2 I can't compile the new kernel (2.2) It hang with
'make: [xxxx] Error : Illegal Instruction (core dumped)' or with an
Segmentation fault...

 They have tryed 6 cpu's 2 asus mobo and one from another brand. They
have changed the box I have buy a new G200 (in replacement of my old
mystique) when they have said me that I seem to work (I was false)

I don't what can I do now, so please help

I have got an AMD K6-2 300 on an Asus-tech P5A (bios rev 1004).
My HDD are an 8,4Go IBM(first master) and an 1,7Go IBM (sec master)
My CDROM is an 36X Pioneer (sec slave)
I have got 64 Mb of PC100 SDRAM (2x32)
An Mill G200 OEM
An SB 32 Pnp
An Iomega SCSI Zip (with an adaptec 1502 scsi I card)


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