MegaRAID and boot order

MegaRAID and boot order

Post by Anthony Ewel » Sat, 27 Mar 1999 04:00:00


I am trying to configure an AMI MegaRAID controller to run my Ultra-2
LVDS scsi
drives and a second SCSI-2 card to run my SCSI tape and cdrom drives.

When I have tried this in the past, the scsi card with the tape and
cdrom winds up as
the first scsi device (sdax) and the controller card with the hard
drives winds up as
the second scsi device (sdbx).  I wouldn't care, but it messes up lilo.

I always have come up with a method to get the cdrom and tape on the
same controller as the
hard drives.  But this time, I really need the LVDS hard drives on the
bus by themselves.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to a second (prefer PCI) scsi card that
will boot
as the second scsi device?  (Need a lilo friendly second scsi-2 card.)

Many thanks,


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