(Q): Trident 8900c Video & MetroX

(Q): Trident 8900c Video & MetroX

Post by Adept Ca » Fri, 07 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Anyone know how to get the Trident 8900c video card and MetroX (RedHat
4.2) to work properly?

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1. XF86 & SV28 Monitor & Trident 8900C

I have XF86 working with my SV28 monitor and Trident 8900C video card but just

I do not have the stats on my monitor as I have no manual.  It was put out by
Premier Innovations and KLH Computers who are now out of business.

At present I am forced to use 600x480 virtual and real.  It is still slow.

I know my card and monitore support 1024x768 SVGA.  I have 1 meg of memory on
the card.

Does anyone out there have this setup?  If so please forward me a copy of your
XF86config file.

Any suggestion appreciated.



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