need help with scsi adapter

need help with scsi adapter

Post by starbu » Wed, 25 Oct 2000 04:00:00


i just bought an agfascan 1236s scanner and it comes with an AHA-1505AE/AI
scsi card. I read that this card can be used with the 152x driver.
Could anyone help me out here? insmod 152x.c returns "card is busy".
scsi support is enabled in kernel, etc...
i really need help there. thx


1. I Need Help Finding a SCSI Cable + SCSI Adapter

I'm trying to obtain the proper cable for a SCSI Zip drive.
These drives have SCSI connectors which are suitable for connecting
to Mac's--DB25M/DB25M.  However, I want to connect this drive to
a PC SCSI Adapter--specifically, the Tyan Yorktown I (NCR53c825)
controller.  Its specifications sheet describes the following

Internal 50-pin Vertical Low Density Connector
Internal 68-pin Right Angle High Dnsity Connector
External 50-pin High Density Shielded Connector with Screw Jacks

I will use the external.  Which cable will be suitable for this
SCSI connector, and where can I find it?  I purchased a DB25M/DB50M,
but I don't think that will be the correct cable.  The Yorktown I
is supposed to have the same external connector as the Adaptec
2940.  Do I have the right cable, or the wrong cable?  If Adaptec's
external connector is like the Sun Microsystems SCSI connectors
on their Ultra's, then I know that I have the wrong cable.

By the way, the Tyan Yorktown spec sheet also describes the following:

NCR 53C825 PCI-SCSI Processor
High Performance SCSI-RISC Core
FCC Class B

I have not seen any drives which have the classification, Fast/Wide
SCSI 3.  What is the difference between Ultra-Wide/Wide/Fast/etc...

Please respond by email, as well as posting to the newsgroup for
others to see.

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