Synaptics Touchpad in Debian 3

Synaptics Touchpad in Debian 3

Post by David J. Meie » Thu, 15 Aug 2002 04:30:52

OK, so am I just a moron or what here?

I can get X to display everything just how I want in Debian 3.  However, I
can't for the life of me get the Synaptics touchpad from my Gateway 5300 to
work properl y?!?!?!

I've tried all the configs from the linuxonlaptops sites to no avail...

XFree86 4.2




1. Synaptics Touchpad gets reset on X start

I have just changed to Mandrake7.2. Previously I had 6.0, and used tpconfig to
set up my Synaptics touchpad as I wanted. It is run at boot up time, prior to
X. Worked fine.

With 7.2, tpconfig still runs fine, reports the settings changed, but
somewhere the newer version of X resets the touchpad and dumps my settings.
tpconfig can't be run under Xwindows (without a kernel patch that didn't

 Anyone know why this new behavior of X occurs?


Alastair Couper
kalepa at shaka dot com

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